Support Listing Coin

Support Listing Coin (SLC) is a kind of secondary token offer that takes place on a certain cryptocurrency exchange. It includes a new security feature that makes the investments safe.

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How does Support Listing Coin (SLC) work and what is the difference between SLC and IEO?

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What are the advantages of SLC?

The main SLC feature that IEO doesn’t have is the investment safety. All funds from tokens sale go to pro-ject support. They appear in a purchase order at the tokens selling price.

The SLC team conduct the company’s audit before listing. The SLC is a finished product so there is no need in funds raising for development. Opposite to this, IEO doesn’t guarantee that the product will be re-leased and not scrapped.


How does SLC work?


What are the perspectives of SLC?

The trust level reduces with the crypto community growth. Investors want to have certain guarantees and specific security measures. And SLC has them.

What are the differences between ICO, IEO & SLC?


Types of SLC


- 110%-107% price walls;
- 20% of btc from ICO will go to Coin InvestBox Plan (3% daily).

Top secret+

- 104%-106% price walls;
- 20-25% of btc from ICO will go to Coin InvestBox Plan (2% daily).

Top secret

- 101%-103% price walls;
- 15-20% of btc from ICO will go to Coin InvestBox Plan (2% daily).


- 0%-10% buy wall (12% fee + 0.5 btc);
- 20%-30% buy wall (12% fee + 0.25 btc prepay);
- 40% buy wall (11% fee + 0.2 btc prepay).

Normal ICO walls

- 50%-70% buy wall (10% fee + 0.25 btc prepay);
- 80%-90% buy wall (9% fee);
- 100% buy wall (8% fee).


- start price +% from buy wall;
- sells in buy wall going to sell stock ( dynamical);
- sells in sell wall going to new buy wall.


Investment Securities

Unlike ICO and IEO, SLC does not require investing any funds in smart contracts. Users who want to take part in SLC can enroll via cryptoexchange account. The procedure is simple and clear: users just need to deposit their funds to their exchange accounts and buy tokens in the prescribed time.

The main feature of SLC is that all funds collected during the crowdsale from the investors are immediately placed in purchase orders on the hosting cryptoexchange at the sale price. This way the investors bear no risk of losing their funds.

All projects that wish to launch SLC are thoroughly inspected by the hosting cryptoexchange. The exchangers are interested in launching new projects only with reliable developers because their reputation is at stake.

Usually, SLC is launched by skilled project managers that have good track record and a certain base of followers and investors that form a stable community.


Benefits of the SLC token

The SLC token has a burnable on for users function. You will be able to burn your tokens yourself, which will add value and growth to the token. Twice times a month we place orders to buy 0.1btc in one pair of our coins.

Part of the funds from the token income will be distributed:

For farming, to understand farming, tools will be created explaining that farming 8 is not buying a token and risks, but pledging funds for a certain period of time.

Part of the funds from other listings of the SLC project after the developers tokens are thawed will go to the glass to support the SLC token.

Part of the funds will go to support the SLC token (support will rise with each new purchase).

2 times a month, buy orders will be placed in one pair with the SLC token.

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